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AirRates is the world’s largest airfreight marketplace. We gather the best air freight rates from local agents, airlines and forwarders to make them available in search results for customers all around the world to book online.

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Simple delivery of small parcels up to 45kg, documentation and courier services. The best solution for international shopping. Economical way to deliver personal items.
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Standard Cargo

The most popular delivery of commercial air cargoes starting from 45kg up to 10mt. Regular voyages and combined forwarding services.
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Project Cargo

Complex solutions for over-weight and over-gauge cargoes, unstandard sizes and charter voyages. Urgent equipment deliveries up to 250 mt by air.
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The greatest portfolio of shipping services

Would you like to ship your cargo by air? Find everything you need on We have gathered all services and put them all in one place to facilitate your search. Instantly compare air freight quotes from the most popular providers. Book everything in one site!

Ranking system of Carriers

Stay confident with the logistics provider your have chosen. AirRates original rating of freight companies complemented by reviews from real shippers makes a bold certainty for the choice of transportation partner. Finish the deal and leave a review about the freight forwarder who served you!

Flawless market analytics

AirRates computing systems allow you to see the full market picture regarding the cheapest, fastest or balanced delivery options, as well as offer alternative routes or even modes of transport. Digital mind can do that in seconds and save you time, which no sales manager can do.

24/7 customer support

Day and night our dedicated support teams trace the activity on the platform, moderate correspondence and control all communication which carrier give. We do our best to be there for you exactly when you need help – all you need to do is just call us or even reach out in chat.

Discounts for regular clients

Despite is not a direct logistics provider, we have much more opportunities to influence carrier’s tariffs operating consolidated shipments from thousands of exporters all around the globe. The more you ship, the more your contribution is, and the better rates you get.

Freight made simple and transparent

Instant door-to-door calculation

Get your freight quotation at the moment when you need it. Sales teams normally spend over 80% of their time just to put the figures together. Let's reverse it to actual booking! Digital freight ordering is in average 5 times faster than manual negotiation.

Multimodal Freight management

Cloud-based cross-platform Virtual Office with powerful and ergonomic interface, covering all your transport requests, bookings, deals, finance, documents and communication. Internal business intelligence allows you to see and analyze all statistics for any period and submit on-time adjustments to your strategy. A one-stop shop for every-day workflow.

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Logistics Explorer

Logistics Explorer - powerful solution to bring a smooth international shipping intelligence to your business, which will bring your freight offers from over 1000 forwarders 24/7 and expand your sales geography to the new markets by sea, air, road and rail. The service allows you to integrate shipping tariffs to your products or even enhance your buyers to calculate freight on your own site.

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Air Tracking

Air Tracking system allows you to monitor and manage multiple shipments in one place. For example, you are an exporter of small parcels and you ship to several countries - now you can see every shipments status at once on the map, with detailed information about every lot. For carriers, this app contains an integrated Route Planner feature, which allows them to fulfill the missing information for their customers.

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Our Apps

Logistics Explorer

It is a unique online freight calculator, which allows importers and exporters find instant quotes and place bookings for any kind of cargo. The platform can be integrated on any kind of website and especially useful for airfreight providers who want to sell online.

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Air Tracking

The original in-house developed tracing system for any kind of aircargo, whether it is a small parcel or a project oversize of overgauge load. It supports the airwaybill numbers of main world courier services, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and others.

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Load Calculator

The first created stuffing system for aircargoes, which supports optimal loading in ULD-containers or different types of boxes and pallets, and shows the cargo plan within 3D-visualized model, available for printing and warehouse planning.

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B2B Online Store

A unified marketplace for international sellers to add their products and offer them to buyers all around the world. It supports instant stuffing and freight calculation, as well as automated document generation.

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Cargo Wizard

It is designed to simplify the work of exporter who sells and ships cargoes by air internationally on regular basis. Add items you trade and compose all the needed documents, such as Invoice, Packing List etc, reflecting the way of stuffing and freight cost.

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Route Planner

A powerful add-on for tracking, which allows creating routes and events manually. This app is in high demand with freight forwarders and logistics providers, who want to offer 1st class service to their customers and show them accurate tracking information.

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We welcome you to check original AirRates applications for your business, which will definitely allow you to save time on routine and optimize your everyday workflow for international air shipping in regards of freight calculation, aircargo tracking, loading optimization and paperwork.

Generate professional cargo plan, invoices, sales proposals and other documents by using our calculators and easily editable, printable and sharable business document Templates!

Cargo Wizard

for International trade

International export and import market, as B2B, needs to be followed by many different documents, and price offer (sales proposal) - is the first of them. High quality and professional design can be a final cut for a deal with buyer, when all other product parameters fit. SeaRates template system allows you to effectively work with templates and presets of different types of documents, such as invoices, packing lists, shipping instructions, certificates etc.

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+ Add Products

The worlds simplest way to generate shipping documents to customers: invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, certificates and so on. Save time, stay organized and look professional! For importers, exporters, traders, freight forwarders, transport and logistics companies.

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Step 2

Load Calculator

Help your customers to determine the best way of loading mixed size products. Show them a 3D image with the optimal positioning of goods inside a container or truck.

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Step 3

Select the best shipping option

The worlds simplest way to generate shipping documents to customers: invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, certificates and so on. Save time, stay organized and look professional! For importers, exporters, traders, freight forwarders, transport and logistics companies.

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