Airfreight and Delivery Services

Recently, transportation of goods by air has taken the leading place among all possible options for delivery relatively small cargoes from abroad. The reason for this popularity is simple - efficiency and high quality of the transfer attract customers and make them forget about the high cost of this method. Fast, reliable, safe – that is how you can confidently characterize air transportation.

The delivery is organized either by charter or regular flights from the largest foreign airports and is carried out with observance of all terms. At the same time, the cargo is reliably protected from damage and spoilage, insured and passes all necessary checks without delays. Organization of freight at this level is possible with experienced professionals in project. An extensive international network makes it real to advise the routes that are optimal in price and time and offer customers the most favorable terms of cooperation.

The transportation of cargo by air is connected with certain difficulties. The main disadvantage of this mode of transportation is high cost. In addition, some cargoes, due to their large dimensions, cannot be transported by an aircraft. However, if the volume of the cargo allows delivering it by air, and the cargo is expensive, then there is no better alternative. The advantages of air delivery are much greater than the disadvantages:


The use of air transport allows you to carry out transportation as fast as possible. It is the fastest option comparing to other modes of transport.


The minimum number of external factors, such as moisture, temperature fluctuations, mechanical stress, as well as the lowest accidents statistics.

Less customs checks

Crossing several boundaries in the air, the cargo avoids a lot of inspections, which is not possible in case of land transportation.


Minimization of time delays allows to avoid disruption of delivery terms. Besides that, air transport makes it real to reach difficult regions.


In addition to the above advantages, transportation by air makes it possible to transport goods through hard-to-reach terrain, which is inexpensive, compared to the cost of other modes of transportation. Mountains, ponds, rugged terrain will not create obstacles to air transport.

In the era of globalization of digital platforms such as Alibaba and Amazon, China, India and other South Asian countries are becoming the largest trading partners with which entrepreneurs in each country benefit from cooperating. The reason for this is the low price of production in those countries. Buying goods cheap and transferring them to local retail outlets, owners of small and large businesses get a good profit. However, in order for the benefit to be tangible, it is necessary to choose the right way for cargo transportation, otherwise the whole sense of import will be reduced to zero.


Using AirRates services, you will receive air freight services of the following categories:

  • fragile
  • perishable
  • dangerous
  • valuable
  • heavy

In addition, we carry out full support of the transported products from the moment of purchase to the transfer of the goods to the owner. Our experts perform the inspection in the country of the supplier, registration of the documentation, quality control and customs clearance. We also offer the service of storing and consolidating shipments at the company's warehouses. By signing a cooperation agreement with a local logistics company, you will avoid many difficulties and get your goods as soon as possible without worrying about its safety and integrity.

Cooperation with air carriers, logistics centers and airports around the world provides significant advantages, the most important of which are the speed of the application, the reliability of transportation and the safety of the goods being transported.


  • Speed of the order
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability of the carrier companies which AirRates cooperates with
  • Efficiency of transportation
  • Security
  • Delivery and sending of goods to / from more than 200
  • Fixed tariffs for cargo transportation from airlines

Value added services you are getting, working at

  • Packaging of goods and their further processing
  • Cargo insurance and advice on the selection of the optimal delivery option and customs clearance for each of the goods
  • Сargo tracking for all types of transportation, for both air and combined modes of transport, with a daily report on the cargo location
  • Registration of all cargo customs documents for any type of border crossing: export, import, transit, etc
  • Door-To-Door delivery in any country of the world
  • Organization of charter flights for air cargo transportation
  • Forwarding services for any cargo
  • Other accompanying logistics services (for example, consolidation of several cargoes at the same airport, etc.)